Wellness Begins With Positive Lifestyle Changes

Individualized Health Coaching offering collaborative planning for healing naturally and sustainably to fit your lifestyle! Dee is a health consultant with years of experience helping people reach goals with targeted plans that address ongoing health issues, roadblocks that have stopped progress in the past, and strategies for stress management.

Wellness Begins With Positive Lifestyle Changes

Customizable Keto Coaching and Fitness Training

Gratitude and blessings for a happy and healthy Holiday Season!

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Make your health goals a reality with fully individualized health coaching that focus on healing naturally and addressing roadblocks you may have experienced in the past. It is my passion to help people take charge of their health and realize their full potential. I offer short and long term packages to collaborate and create the healthy lifestyle you want! Your individualized health coaching package is tailored specifically to your goals, whether they are reversing ongoing health issues, fat loss, increasing energy, decreasing stress, and other health needs. If you are ready to work one on one with a caring and supportive health consultant, you will not be disappointed!

A Truly Unique Health Coach

I have more than 20 years of experience in natural health, wellness, and weight loss coaching. My knowledge spans a range of many topics so you can rest easy knowing that I’m equipped with the necessary knowledge to help you become the best version of yourself. During the last two years, my role as a health consultant has expanded. Stress management and ways to stay grounded in our emotions and clear on our values when it comes to taking care of self are now a key focus. If you have tried other programs and found that they were lacking. Consider individualized health coaching with a data driven, research-based health consultant. My areas of study include reversing insulin resistance, healing naturally, macronutrient analysis, detoxification, body composition, fat burning, muscle building, growth mindset, behavior change, stress management, prep cooking, empowering health with natural tools such as essential oils and clean supplements. I have also studied intermittent fasting extensively and can help you learn to fast effectively based on your goals.  

My Philosophy

I want to share my individualized health coaching philosophy with you. Health and wellness are first a state of mind. Healing naturally is the only sustainable way to unlock the miracles of healing your body is capable of. I believe that we can create a way of living that honors our health and goals to stay healthy as we age. We no longer must accept that once we hit the age of 35, it is all downhill. Doing what we have always done before will not change our results. My coaching is not solely about weight loss, it is about cleaning up your health so that you consistently feel good. As your health consultant, I promise to provide with you real time support so you are not trying to do this on your own. 

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Features and Benefits

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What Is the Keto Diet?

Part of healing naturally is using the ketogenic healing diet to reverse chronic negative patterns. This diet was originally used to help stop seizures. It can be adapted to paleo or vegetarian eating styles. That is the beauty of individualized health coaching! The state of ketosis causes your body to burn fat in the form of ketones rather than sugar. For starters, it promotes weight loss, eases your stress, and boosts energy levels. There are so many other benefits to keto including reversing insulin resistance, lowering stress, increasing mental clarity, and reversing type 2 diabetes. This diet can be used to heal or be used in cycles throughout the year to rebalance your health. This is where a health consultant can help to create a plan that is not one size fits all but works with your goals and lifestyle. 

Tailoring Diet and Wellness Plans

At Keto Lifestyle, your success is my goal. That’s why I provide carefully individualized health coaching plans specific to your health condition, goals, dietary restrictions, as well as stress and fitness levels. As your health consultant I will guide you every step of the way. Healing naturally, without dependence on drugs or procedures as the only answers. Along the way I will help you nurture a positive mindset about your health and create balanced routines for an ultimately healthier you.

Why Do Keto?

If you have worked with other health coaches before and have not reached your goals. Keto Lifestyle may be the solution for you. This lifestyle offers a wide range of health benefits, which include healing naturally, reversing chronic health issues, and changing your life! With individualized health coaching, you get to work one on one with Dee Miceli, a dedicated health consultant that is accessible to you and responsive to your needs.

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Suitable for Everyone

The coaching I provide is completely individualized health coaching to suit your level of health, wellness, and lifestyle. You will learn that your body is capable of healing naturally. Your consultations will be face to face on zoom with your dedicated health consultant, Dee Miceli!

Lose Weight

In my individualized health coaching program, I coach you from where you are now, step by step until you reach your health goals. Healing naturally and allowing yourself to be open to change is key when working with a health consultant.

Reduces Stress

You will find that working out in this style will help reduce stress, burn fat, and keep you happy and healing naturally .

Why do keto

Raise Your Energy

Many people find that working out harder and stronger is not getting them the results they want or need. Many times, this can lead to injury or just increase hunger. As your health consultant, I provide consultation and guidance on workouts that are most effective for your current state of health and healing naturally. Walking, running, swimming, light boxing, and many other styles of workout can be effective with individualized health coaching to provide those necessary tweaks to increase your results. Interval style workouts can be adapted to any of your favorite activities you can expect a noticeable increase in your energy and strength.

Train the Mind

Change is a process that requires careful thought and planning. If you have tried doing this yourself, perhaps a health consultant can help to hold you accountable. It is hard to create the new set of health values and stick to them and we all need support. Healing naturally requires patience and discipline and is no fun to go it alone.

Balance Hormones

No matter what stage of life you are in, ensuring that your hormones are balanced is a huge part of maintaining your overall health. So many things interfere with our healing naturally today. The abundance of blue light, toxins in our environment and foods, and massive amounts of unknowns creating stress. Part of creating your health plan includes creating a stress management plan. With Coach Dee, your individualized health coaching may include bedtime routines, breath work, and simple yin yoga therapeutics that can reduce your daily stress.

Kick-Start Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle Today

I offer a 30-minute complimentary individualized health coaching consultation for all first-time clients. Schedule a session with me to get started healing naturally.