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Hello and Happy Holidays!

Tis’ the season for celebration whether among family or friends or chosen families! It is a time to share and let go of daily stress. Of course, the time leading up the holidays, in preparation for those moments can be filled with stress, lacking any personal care time, and a seemingly endless list of things to get done. That is why I thought this would be a valuable time to share an easy hack that you can use to help you to keep your blood sugar from going through the roof!

Inexpensive Ways to Help with Weight Loss

My old school apple cider vinegar hack is an easy and inexpensive way to help to lessen the effects of holiday eating that can often derail us. The tonic I recommend you use each morning is: 4 ounces of water plus one tablespoon of ACV. You can go up to two tablespoons but start with one and see what your tolerance is.If the taste seems unbearable you can use some liquid or powdered stevia to take the edge off.

Before Meals

Drink your ACV tonic 15 to 30 minutes before your first or any meal of the day or before the meal with the highest carbs, such as a holiday event or meal out!

During Meals

Check menus for pickled foods and try adding into your meals such as sauerkraut, kimchee, pickled salsa, etc. Look for delicious salads that will increase your variety and taste for different salads you can try to make at home

After Meals

Drink the tonic after a carb rich meal or alcohol consumption, this can lower your blood sugar more quickly so you can get back on track. Doing this can also help avoid post carb consumption cravings for more.

Consider the several ways you can use ACV before, during, or with meals to help enhance your digestion and weight loss efforts. I am sure you can find one or more that will work for you! Try some out and comment below to let me know how it goes.

Always remember!

Drink through a straw & brush teeth after drinking again to protect those pearly whites!

ACV is not a miracle worker but can help with weight loss efforts.

Lifestyle changes are key to any lasting weight loss 

Please stay safe and healthy during the holidays, enjoy your blessings with gratitude and looking forward to connecting with you in 2022!

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