My Story and How I Became A Health Coach

My Story and How I Became A Health Coach

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I have developed my style of health coaching from a unique set of circumstances that make up my personal experience and background. I have been fortunate in my life to have had two successful careers, one as a chef in my twenties and one as an educator for the last twenty years. My journey included getting to be very overweight and unhealthy because of my love of food and working in the industry every day. After returning to college and moving out west to pursue my career as an educator, I decided that was the turning point. Now that my education was complete and I began to teach, I would now incorporate and learn how to be healthy and fit. I wanted so desperately to feel better. At 240 pounds and 5’3″, I had many health issues. I had allergies, migraines, and back pain. I knew that I had to lose weight. I began by using the stationary bike in my apartment complex gym because I was too embarrassed to go to a real gym. I began with just five minutes a day five days per week. Each week I increased a few minutes to try to build my stamina. I also started to casually cut portions and I saw results pretty quickly. In just two months I had lost twelve pounds. I then took to some exercise videos and in the old school style I did Jane Fonda, headband not included, LOL! I also bought Billy Blanks and enjoyed kickboxing after a long day in the classroom with students. After about six months, I finally broke down and joined a 24 Hour Fitness that was nearby. I signed up for a personal trainer package and then it was GAME ON! My trainer was delighted at how I paid attention to his directions and always had good form. I began to see more definition in my muscles and felt a difference in my clothing. I set goals for myself and treated myself to new workout outfits as a reward. After the 20 and then 25 and then 30 pound goals were met, my trainer looked at me one day and said, “I shouldn’t really say this but you really don’t need me anymore….you do everything I say, follow directions, keep good form and you are always so positive!” I told him it was probably because I love learning and also teaching others. He said, “Maybe you should consider becoming a personal trainer!” It was not long after that I signed up with 24 Hour Fitness to become a Fitness Instructor. That led me to study for the Personal Trainer Exam and then I started to see clients after school. I did not advertise much but rather had so many friends that were amazed by my transformation and asking what I did. During this time, I was fortunate to be able to receive some amazing training in teaching methods, coaching, emotional intelligence and more. I developed a philosophy of coaching adults that paralleled my philosophy of teaching students. I strive to be a positive influence on all students. Students did not ask to be born into their circumstances and are often dealt a difficult childhood, however, that did not change my view that all students can learn. I hold the same beliefs about adult learning. As adults we are all a product of our life experiences, family background, and current realities. As such, there is no one set way to create overall health, rather it is like peeling away layers of an onion. The older we are, the more layers we have to peel. Adults just need a desire to feel good everyday and to improve their quality of life. I have an ability to really listen and hear the current realities as well as the goals of each client and then tailoring a program based on their time and resources that is manageable to them.

Here are some of my tenets of coaching:

  • There is no such thing as a bad intention
  • The past doesn’t equal the future
  • No one is broken
  • Everything is achievable
  • Empowerment comes via responsibility