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We offer customized health coaching for ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting for fat loss and overall  health. Please check out our services below. Each type of service can be purchased at standard hourly rate or purchased as part of a package.

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Ketogenic Health Coaching

30 min Keto Health Coaching Consultation | This is a 30 minute call to discuss your overall health and fitness and provide a proposal of individualized support. The first half of the call you can share a brief health history, current diet, progress, and any roadblocks or difficulties you are experiencing. The second half of the call I can share some ways I can customize the support you need and then I follow up with an email detailing a plan for you. For a direct link, click here!

Initial Ketogenic Consultation | This is for one 60 minute session of keto health coaching for beginners. It includes an overview of keto, how to get started, setup of Fitness Pal app to collect data, sample menus, and more. The price of this session includes follow up work to develop next steps and specific macro nutrient advice and how to start getting into ketosis. This is  done  on  the  phone,  facetime,  or  skype.

Ketogenic Coaching | This is for one 60 minute session for those have some knowledge and experience with keto. It will be customized to support individual needs and may cover macro nutrients, recipe/menu suggestions, overview of keto diet, supplementation, and any health conditions/concerns. This is  done  on  the  phone,  facetime,  or  skype.

Macronutrient Analysis and  Recommendation |  This  is  for  one  60  minute  session  for  those  that  want  to  know  exactly  what  macronutrients  (protein,  fat,  and  carbs)  they  should  be  consuming  to  meet  their  goals.

Keto  Coaching  Package |  This  is  the  package  for  you  if  you  have  20  plus  pounds  to  lose  or  if  you  have habits  and  behaviors  that  have  been  causing  on going  symptoms  and /or  potentially  serious  health  conditions.  The  top  health  conditions  -  heart  disease,  high  cholesterol,  and  diabetes  are  all possible  to  reverse  with  diet  and  healthy  habit  changes.  Let  me  help  you  get  out  of  your  own  way!  Average  optimal  time  for  this  comprehensive  coaching  package  is  8-12  weeks.  Calls  (Facetime  or  Skype)  are  scheduled  about  every  two  weeks  to  check  on  progress and  deal  with  changes  we  make  and  mid-course  corrections.