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High-Impact Nutrition Coaching

Keto Lifestyle Coach offers customized health coaching for detoxification, metabolic reset, and weight loss. My tools are based on my twenty years of experience with natural health and healing. My areas of focus are on nutrition, weight loss, the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, and reversing pre-diabetes naturally. My programs are about helping to identify patterns that contribute to poor health, creating sustainable lifestyle changes, and stress reduction. I will help you understand how you have arrived at your current state of health and how to realize your health goals.

Please know that you will have to do the work, be willing to learn, be honest with yourself, share information, keep up with communication, and most of all love yourself! This is about wanting to feel good and enjoy life. It is possible to change your lifestyle and not have it be about a DIET!! Change comes from learning what works and what does not.

Cultivating the Healthy Mindset

When you work with Keto Lifestyle Coach, you have full support for health journey. This is not a canned program where you are told exactly what to do. Your plan is based on you, your life, and goals. Effective coaching is a process that involves two-way communication and honesty. You share your health data and you get an individualized plan for creating the changes you are seeking. Life is full of challenges and the test of any new way of living determines whether changes you are making matter. To move forward and create a healthy life, it is critical to identify the thought patterns, habits, and ways of approaching your health. Working with Keto Lifestyle Coach, you will get the support you need to grow from the inside out. Coach Dee helps you to create let of old habits and create new patterns and ways of being that honor your health and growth to create the life you want.


Working Toward Reducing Stress

Weight loss and health are not just about the foods you eat and the movement that you do. It is about your stress level. If you have high stress, it can make you resistant to any good diet plan. Releasing and letting go of past patterns that keep us from the kind of life we want is essential. Yin yoga is a practice of letting go and surrender. This is not the kind of yoga that requires you to be limber and fit. It is the kind of yoga that can help you reduce tight spots in the body that manifest stuck energy that comes from the mind, emotions, and spirit. Yin yoga practice is a coming home to yourself and acknowledging that often the issue is in the tissues – It can be released and this in turn gives you simple daily tools you can use to reduce stress, relax the body, reset, and improve sleep.

Increasing your Fat Metabolism

If you are feeling sluggish and tired and have extra body fat around your middle, this can be a cause for concern. Excess belly fat is the number one indicator for developing diseases associated with a poor lifestyle such as diabetes, clogged arteries, or high cholesterol. Many people are doing ineffective workouts for fat loss. Cardiovascular workouts are not going to help you lose body fat. In many cases, it increases hunger and can cause overeating, especially when done in excess. The most effective workouts to reduce body fat are what are known as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. This may sound intimidating and can be, however, there is a way to do these as a beginner that is very manageable. The bonus is they take less time, require minimal or no equipment and when done in combination with ketogenic diet and fasting, are an amazing trifecta in reaching your best results for and reaching your health and weight loss or body recomposition goals.

Personalized Coaching Packages

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All nutrition coaching plans include:

Your daily food, water, and exercise will be recorded on Carb Manager and weekly check-ins will each Friday by email or text. We will also have our virtual appointments every 2 to 3 weeks based on your need and preference. Here, we will discuss your progress and deal with the changes or adjustments, recommending mid-course corrections as needed.

Customizing the Program

You will receive a complete analysis of your current eating pattern, test results as well as recommendations for daily macronutrient and supplement needs. I’ll also be providing daily routines that will increase your fat-burning levels for more efficient results.

Reports and Recommendations

All plans includes comprehensive analysis plus professional recommendations on your daily macronutrients, supplements, and daily routine adjustments. Your personalized plan with be based on your lifestyle assessment, making sure to adjust the program in a way that increases your level of fat burning and overall health.


This package is for you if you need to lose 10 to 20 pounds or are exhibiting ongoing symptoms. The average timeframe for this package is 8-12 weeks or 2-3 months. It consists of 4 total hours of face-to-face coaching via Zoom. The first call is an hour long, and then there are six thirty minute calls every three weeks.

Keto Coaching Package Plus

Consider this my premium coaching service! The average time for this package is 16-24 weeks (4-6 months) and consists of 8 hours of face-to-face virtual coaching. The package includes all prep work, data trend analysis and planning, recommendation reports, and face to face zoom coaching calls.

The first call is one hour long to set up the initial recommended program. Then there are six thirty minute calls via Zoom every 2-3 weeks. There is a second hour long call about half way through the package that addresses challenges and makes any mid-course corrections. 


HIIT Training Beginner Package

This is for 2 thirty-minute sessions HIIT training sessions per week. These fat burning sessions are individualized to your increase your fat burning, ramp up your metabolism, and address any problem areas specifically.

HIIT Training Rapid Results Package

This is for 3 thirty-minute sessions per week. It is recommended they are done in the mornings and every other day for maximum effect on increased ketones and fat burning. These fat burning sessions are individualized to your increase your fat burning, ramp up your metabolism, and address any problem areas specifically.


Relax & Release Yin Yoga for Beginners

This is for 2 sixty-minute sessions per week, fully customized yin yoga therapy based on your body and where you hold your stress. May include targeted breath work, meditation, full body relaxing yoga nidra to restore and heal.

Relax & Release Yin Yoga Therapy

This is for 3 sixty-minute sessions per week, fully customized yin and restorative yoga therapy based on your body and where you hold your stress. May include targeted breath work, meditation, full body relaxing yoga nidra to restore and heal. With the additional time, clients can self-select either restorative yoga or a deeper yin stretch to include foam rolling. Restorative yoga is a practice for complete relaxation for the entire nervous system and can help heal trauma that is stored in the body, mind, and spirit.

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High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Apart from increased fat reduction, this type of training is great for reversing the negative effects of aging. You can start with a 30- minute workout twice per week, without the need for any sort of equipment, making this an ideal workout for busy or traveling people.

Burning Fat Changes to Your Health

The average person has about 70,000 grams of stored fat which is a much cleaner source of energy than carbohydrates, sugars, seed oils, and several other fast-burning sources of energy typically found in the standard American diet (SAD). You can use this to help your body target the effects of aging, which can support hormones, bone density, and metabolism.

Finding Better Health‑Enhancing Programs

Long bouts of cardio are not the way to burn fat. They can lead to injuries of the joints as we get older. That’s why I use a leveled approach to guiding you through your tailored HIIT program, watching out for hazards and potential injuries each time. My goal is to show you how to spend less time on a workout while effectively meeting your health goals in a fun, engaging, and motivating way.

How It Works

I will help you assess exactly where you are now, develop achievable goals, and hold you accountable for making your dreams come true! All new clients are required to book a free 30-minute health consultation to discuss fitness routines, stress management, health goals, and to determine if we are a good match.

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You will need to create a free account with Acuity, where you will have to provide your full name, email address, and phone number. Then, you will receive an email confirmation message on your chosen schedule, and I will call you at our set time.

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